Boruto episode 43 review

Boruto Episode 43 has been released. You can find it in any online streaming or legal streaming sites. As we have already watched it, here is the review of the 43 episode of Boruto.

Shikadai says Namikaze (go with the flow):

In today’s episode when Boruto and his friends were chatting and passing their leisure time, suddenly Shikadai said something that caught my attention. Well, truth to be told, I do not know much Japanese. So, when he said something about “Namikaze”, I thought for sure, he was referring to Boruto’s paternal Grandfather, Minato Namikaze.

Shikadai learning shogi
Shikadai learning shogi

Then I checked the Subtitle and did not see anything special. After searching on google, I found out that Namikaze (波風) means the wave or flow of wind. As we all, know it is too bothersome to search for new adventures all the time for Shikamaru’s son. And he was making the same point back then.

Byakuya gang- Noble thief:

It is quite old and common philosophy for the thieves or robbers to steal or rob from the rich. In Boruto episode 43, they introduce us to the main motive of the Byakuya gang. One of the Gang members lures the team 7 to let them know where they spent the stolen Jewelry.

Shikadai plays shogi with the Byakuya gang-member:

As Shikadai was playing Shogi by himself to come up with some plan to defeat his old man, he met a boy. Well, actually the boy came to return the pawn to Shikadai. Then, they end up playing shogi until it was dusk. Shikadai did not know the fact that the smart and intelligent boy was a member of the Byakuya Gang.

Minus 20-degree Temperature at the vault:

Minus 20 degree temperature in bank
Minus 20 degree temperature in bank

It was quite cool to have minus 20-degree temperature in the vault of the bank. Literally, quite cold and clever at the same time. The people in charge told that they linked the temperature to the alarm system. So, if the temperature fluctuates even one degree, the alarm will let them know.

Sharp and smart Sarada:

Frozen Rose
Frozen Rose

As an Uchiha and the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, it was pretty obvious that she would have some intellect in her little head. Unlike Boruto, she keeps searching and analyzing and eventually came up with a clue. Sarada found that some sort of Ice style jutsu froze the rose. After investigating that, they found their lead.

Shikamaru would give money if Shikadai defeats him:

At the first part of Boruto episode 43, we saw Shikadai learning Shogi seriously. His father Shikamaru promised to give him money as a reward if he somehow defeats him in the game. It was quite a motivation to move his lazy son towards shogi.

Temari gets angry:

Shikadai Playing Shogi with Shikamaru nara
Shikadai Playing Shogi with Shikamaru Nara

At the end of episode 43 Boruto, we saw a happy family time of Shikamaru Nara. He came back from the office early and was asking for the dinner. However, seeing his son absorbed in the shogi board, he could not resist himself. He started spending time and playing shogi with his son. As, they both were hooked into the game, they did not notice Temari’s call for the dinner.

So, Temari got angry after calling them a few times and knocked them outside the house. It was quite relaxing to see.

One more thing. It looks like Boruto Series is not near to the seriousness that it promised to bring. But, it is doing quite well in the music department. And watching all the characters from Naruto & Shippuden all grown up is rather enjoyable.


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