Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) anime series Review

Erased anime series, also known as Boku dake ga inai machi is a 12 episode long anime directed by Tomohiko Ito who is one of the primary directors behind sword art online and better yet death note and this anime.

Boku dake ga inai machi (Erased) anime review
Boku dake ga inai machi (Erased)

Erased follows the story of a person named Satoru who has something he refers to as revival. He will be walking around in everyday life and suddenly gets a flash-forward of something that is going to happen. However, he does not quite see what is bad but he knows that something’s off. And when he gets this flash-forward he has to instantly look around and find and pinpoint what might be off when he reverts back into his normal time which is usually just a few minutes behind he can find whatever is about to happen and stop it.

What is Erased anime about?

In the first pilot episode, we find out that he uses things like that to stop car accidents and other smaller things from happening where someone could possibly be hurt or killed. However, suddenly he wakes up as a kid in grade school again. He has gone so far back with what he called revival that he is now a child. He is no longer an adult and he has to figure out why he is been sent back to being a kid again to hopefully prevent a terrible string of murders.

Therefore, he has to sift through all the clues of an 18-year-old unsolved mystery while also being in the body of a child. Nevertheless, having the brain of a 29-year-old still maintaining his school, his grades, his friends, his relationships. It is pretty awesome. In fact, this is one of my favorite anime shows that I have seen. I cannot even remember, actually I thought about this quite a bit before start writing.

Touching and emotional journey:

emotional journey in erased anime
Emotional journey

It is a very taut gripping psychological thriller but it also has a really great sense of humor. The large arc of this anime resolves around a young girl who was murdered. Now adult Satoru knows that she was murdered and when he goes back to being a child. He feels that this is the murder that he is going to stop so that his life can eventually grow up to be better. However, more importantly so this girl can be saved. Therefore, watching this character struggle to connect with this introverted girl to hopefully save her life. In the long run, it was really touching and extremely emotionally affecting. It really surprised me.

Is Satoru’s Mom is the best Mom in anime?

Satoru's Mom
Satoru’s Mom

Satoru’s mom in this show is probably my favorite anime mom ever. She is the best mom as you could ever have. She understands virtually everything about this Satoru. In fact, he has a joke internally throughout the entire show that he is positive that his mom is a witch. Because she just predicts everything that he’s about to do and she understands everything that he needs at that exact moment he needs the most, all the way to childhood to adulthood. I found that also hilarious. And that’s something I really love about the show is that although it is kind of dark since it is about a serial killer that’s abducting young girls and a young boy who has to figure out how to stop all of this from happening.

Light tone of story-telling in Erased anime:

The show has a great way in maintaining a light tone while also being a coming-of-age story although our main character has already technically come of age because he is an adult in a kid’s body. Therefore, it is a very interesting way of looking at this, which added to the drama of it all, and it made it considerably more impactful than I think it would have if it was just about an adult trying to solve a mystery. It is a detective story from the standpoint of a child with an adult’s brain and there is also a time-travel aspect to it so it just makes it almost unique.

Light tone of story-telling in Erased anime
Light tone of story-telling in Erased anime

There is certainly nothing like this in America that is for sure. As soon as somebody would say that it is an adult brain in a child’s body getting to know a young girl, instantly all American studios would be, as if we cannot have that. That is inappropriate. However, this show has a great way if telling this story without it ever being creepy, even the more creepy aspects of this story are handled with maturity, which is another thing about this show.

Subplot of Erased anime:

There is a very serious dark subplot involving abuse, parental abuse and obviously the serial killer. Moreover, it is disturbing but it is handled with a surprising amount of respect for the children that are involved. Whenever I see anything whether it be a movie, an American TV show or a Japanese TV show handled something as dark as the subject matter in this show, while also maintaining a sense of humor and have it all be perfectly fluid, that is majorly impressive.

From the episode 1, all the way to episode 12 I was constantly riveted by a race. My biggest issue with the show is that I figured out that the killer was about halfway through and it did not really surprise me. There were not as many options, I think, as there should have been, in regards to who it could be.

Therefore, when you find out who the killer is, I was like, “yah! I figured that out”. However, I mean it did not stop me from enjoying the show, because the characters were so well fleshed out and so well rounded that everything else around that. I was really excited by. In addition, I actually do not even want them to make Erased anime season 2.
Some people are so in love with the show that they want more. If they do make a second season of Boku dake ga inai machi (Erased), I will watch it. Nevertheless, I think the story ended amazingly. If the anime production house makes a film or OVA of it, that might be cool, but I really do not think they need to go anywhere else with this story.

Should you buy Erased?

I want to talk about how the Erased anime series is being distributed and how it is truly bothering me. This is a 12-episode show and that is it. It’s complete. However, these 12 episodes show in blue-ray costs 187$. That is insane. If you go to Amazon right now, you can buy all 9 seasons of Dragon ball z on the official blue-rays for about 190$. That is a 9-season show of over 200 episodes.

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