10 Frequently Asked Question about Minato Namikaze Answered

There are so many things that people want to know about Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage. Here are a few of the commonly asked question about this wonderful character.

Does Minato Namikaze have the sage mode?

Yes, Minato Namikaze was a sage. He had the perfect balance over his Senjutsu Chakra or should I say sage mode chakra. According to the Naruto wiki page, Minato could go into sage mode within mere seconds. He learned Senjutsu from his teacher Jiraiya in Mount Myoboku. but the fact that he did not use it very often because his ability in sage mode was limited. Minato liked to end a fight as soon as possible. most of the time he defeated his enemy with such ease that she did not have to use sage mode.

Sage Minato Namikaze
Sage Minato Namikaze

According to Wiki  Minato could sense enemies anywhere from the village and could engage them Using only body flicker.  He defeated the enemy before anyone could realize what happened. so basically the factory you are the perfect page but had his limitation in sage mode. furthermore, he could defeat any enemy with ease, so he didn’t have to use sage mode very often.

Is Minato Namikaze alive?

Nope, he is dead from the very beginning of Naruto series. In episode 1 when the narrator describes the plot of the story, we heard that the village leader, also known as the Hokage sacrificed himself in order to protect the village. Minato Namikaze the fourth Hokage for an intense battle against the masked man and the nine tail Fox. he defeated the masked man and failed half of the nine tail Fox inside him and the other half of the nine tail Fox inside the main character Naruto. as he was not a jinjuriki he had to you the reaper death seal to seal away the half of the nine tails with him forever. and as you all know that the caster of the reaper death dies after finishing his jutsu, The fourth Hokage a  died too.

Minato on a mission
Minato on a mission

but later in the 4th great Ninja war, Orochimaru sea animated him alongside with other  3 Hokage. So when he arrived in battleground he was not alive he was just summoned back from the dead by Orochimaru.

How did Minato Namikaze die?

As mentioned earlier,   Minato died protecting his village as the Hokage.  during the childbirth of his wife Kushina, the masked man extracted the nine tails from her and attacked the hidden leaf village.  Minato fought and defeated the masked man with ease. after that, he came back to the village and teleported The nine tail outside.

Minato Death
Minato Death

Then he divided the Nine-Tails Chakra. He sealed one half of the Chakra inside him and the other half of the chakra of nine tail inside is newborn baby. And as we all know he used the reaper death seal to seal the half of the nine tail inside him, He died after that.

Is Minato Namikaze a jinchuuriki?

What is a jinchuuriki or rather I should say who is a  jinchuuriki?

Jinchuuriki means a person inside whom a tailed beast is sealed.

Minato sealed the half of the nine tail Fox inside of him using reaper death seal. So yeah, he became the jinchuuriki of Nine Tail Fox. Later when Orochimaru summoned him using reanimation jutsu we found that he could to go into the bijuu mode. Although we don’t know why and how could we manage to do that.  but the fact that he could go into nine tail bijuu mode is enough proof of that he was a Jinchuuriki.

How long was Minato Namikaze Hokage?

Several characters including Kakashi and Hiruzen implied that Minato was Hokage for a very short time. Though it was not very clear it is safe to assume that he was Hokage for about 12 to 18 months.

Hokage Minato
Hokage Minato

Minato became Hokage right after the third shinobi war ended.  after becoming the book again Kushina became pregnant and  10 months after that she gave birth to Naruto. So Minato was Hokage for at least 10 months to 18 months.

Which clan is Minato Namikaze from?

Minato was from the Namikaze clan.  but there was not enough data about Namikaze Clan in the Manga or in any of the databook to talk about. If the masked man did not attack the hidden leaf and Minato over there life then Naruto it becomes a Namikaze as well.

Who are Minato Namikaze’s parents?

We all wanted to know more about this wonderful character, and clan but Kishimoto didn’t care to let us know about his family. The author Kishimoto always replied that it is not that important. It is very much possible that Namikaze clan might be a descendant of the Senju clan.

So as it is never revealed in anywhere in Manga and Data Book we don’t know about Minato Namikaze’s parents and clan.

How strong is Minato Namikaze?

Minato Namikaze was a splendid Ninja. He was considered as a Prodigy when he was in Academy. his feats were comparable to no one. Thanks to his unfathomable performance in the 3rd Ninja War, he was chosen as the 4th Hokage. Minato defeated over 1000 Hidden Stone shinobi single-handedly. This feat made a new nickname for him. The Yellow Flash of The Leaf.

Minato killing spree
Minato killing spree

Every other village elders gave a strict order to their people to retreat the moment they saw him.

According to the Raikage and Kakashi Hatake, who is known for his analytical ability, there was no shinobi comparable to Minato Namikaze. As they both stated that, they believe no one could ever defeat that man, referring to the Yellow Flash.

However, Kakashi also stated, he truly believe that Naruto is the only one who could surpass the 4th Hokage.


Who trained Minato Namikaze?

Jiraiya was the one who trained Minato. The Fourth Hokage was in Team Jiraiya when he was Gennin. he learned a handful of jutsu from Jiraiya. Minato was in team Jiraiya before he became and Jounin. Minato was Jiraiya’s most favorite pupil before Naruto. As Jiraiya stated numerous time that Minato was a prodigy of his generation.


How to be like Minato Namikaze?

Be patient & calm:

Don’t panic. Whatever happens, always keep your cool. Remember when the masked man attacked and grabbed a hold of Naruto. Even then at a situation like that, he didn’t panic. He carefully handled the situation.

Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze

Be caring to the people you love:

Always try to be very caring to the people you love. Whatever happens to them you ought to stand firmly beside them.

Devotion to the duty:

Always be devoted to the duty you are given to perform. People liked Minato because he was always devoted to his duty. So, you got to devote yourself to your tasks in order to earn the respect and love.

Be perspective and adaptive:

Life is full of surprises. You can’t possibly predict everything beforehand. So you have to be perspective and adaptive if you want to be like Minato Namikaze.

Stay focused:

Always stay focused on tasks in hand. Never leave any big or small task unfinished.

Be quick:

Whatever you are doing, always try to do it quickly and wholeheartedly. Don’t procrastinate.



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