How did Danzo get Sharingan

Danzo, the most hated character in the entire Naruto series. And yes, he deserves the hatred. Like seriously, what wrong didn’t Danzo do? We are not here to discuss all the evil things that Danzo did. The list would be pretty big, I can certainly assure you that.

We are here to let you know exactly how did Danzo get Sharingan.

Danzo got Sharingan in at least 3 different occasions.

1) After the assassination of Uchiha Clan:

After the assassination of Uchiha Clan
After the assassination of Uchiha Clan

Danzo took Sharingan from all the people Itachi assassinated. That’s why he had plenty of Sharingan when he was fighting Sasuke. It also makes it clear once again how dickhead he was. No normal rational human being would do that. But, the quest for power made him get so low to do such a thing.

2) Danzo took Shisui’s eye:

Danzo also took one of Shisui’s eyes on a surprise attack. Later planned to use that on different occasions. For example, in Kage summit, he intended to use Shisui’s eye to manipulate all the other Kage.

Shisui Uchiha Kotoamatsukami:
Kotoamatsukami - the ultimate Genjutsu
Kotoamatsukami – the ultimate Genjutsu

The main reason Danzo wanted Shisui’s eyes was the supreme visual jutsu Kotoamatsukami. Shisui had a unique visual prowess far above all the other Uchiha.

Kotoamatsukami is a jutsu that allows the user (Shisui) to manipulate a certain number of people’s mind inside a large area. The most frightening thing is that the affected people don’t even realize anything.

3) Someone had given Danzo:

But even before all of that, Danzo had Sharingan in one of his eyes hidden. As he was no Uchiha, so someone must have given it to him or he could just take it from someone.

There are 3 fan theories regarding this.

a) Danzo took from his friend Kagami Uchiha by force:
Kagami Uchiha
Kagami Uchiha

It can very much be possible to be true. As vile as he is, betraying his own friend and snatch his eye, it is not impossible for him.

b) Kagami Uchiha gave his Sharingan to Danzo Shimura:

It is possible that Kagami himself gave his eyes to his friend. Earlier we came to know a similar incident in which Kakashi got his Sharingan.

c) Orochimaru Gave him:

Orochimaru was always interested in the Sharingan and human experiment. So, it is possible for him to collect the Sharingan. Or Danzo himself or his foundation could do the job.

How does Danzo have Sharingan on his arm:

During the fight against Sasuke, we saw him using those Sharingan. He used those Sharingan to cast Izanagi which is a forbidden visual jutsu. Not only he had Sharingan in his hand, but he had a hand full of Sharingan in his arm. So, what’s the catch? How did Danzo get all those Sharingan?

Danzo's Sharingan arm
Danzo’s Sharingan arm

Well, we all know Itachi, Sasuke’s elder brother slaughtered (or helped to slaughter) the entire clan. So, there was no shortage of Sharingan. There were plenty of Sharingan to have in an arm.

Danzo Sharingan arm abilities:

Danzo showed only one of his borrowed Sharingan abilities. Izanagi. Izanagi literally means ‘He who invites’. In Naruto, Izanagi means the Fate changer. It is a jutsu that the caster cast it on himself to change his fate. Izanagi is more like a checkpoint in a game. Just like in the game, by this jutsu, the caster can return to a certain checkpoint if he wants. But, that does cost him dearly though. The caster of Izanagi has to sacrifice one of his eyes.

Well, in Danzo’s case that was no problem though. As Danzo had multiple Sharingan in his right arm he could use them as he likes.

Danzo vs Shisui:

Shisui wanted to stop the Coup D’état. That is why he wanted to use the special jutsu of his Mangekyou Sharingan, Kotoamatsukami. That is said to be the ultimate Genjutsu.

Danzo vs Shisui

However, Danzo didn’t trust Shisui. So, he tried to snatch Shisui’s eyes from him. But, Shisui cast Genjutsu on him and tried to evade him. At that moment Danzo used Izanagi and caught Shisui off-guard. Danzo used the element of surprise and stole one of Shisui’s eyes. Then he tried to steal the other eye with the help of the Anbu of the Foundation.

Uchiha Shisui Susanoo:

Though, Kishimoto didn’t show his Susanoo, but later in the game he did. In Naruto Ninja Storm, there was a storytelling where we see Shisui fighting Danzo and the Anbu. In the midst of the fight, he used his Green Susanoo, just like in this picture.

Uchiha Shisui Susanoo
Uchiha Shisui Susanoo

It was designed by Kishimoto, so it is not fake. But, as it was somewhat different from the original story, you may say it is like a filler that we see a lot in this series.

Why did Danzo Shimura steal Shisui’s eye?

Danzo never really trust any Uchiha clan member fully. So, when the time came to take a decision to stop the Coup D’etat, even though the 3rd Hokage permitted Shisui to use the Kotoamatsukami, Danzo attacked Shisui. He attacked Shisui to snatch his eyes. As he succeeded, thanks to the forbidden Jutsu Izanagi, he could steal only one of Shisui’s eyes.

The main reason was the trust issues. But there was one other thing. Danzo always had the thirst of power and possession. He wanted to grab the eyes and the Genjutsu along with it. He wanted to control everyone in the village for himself. As later we found out he used Kotoamatsukami in the 5 Kage Summit to manipulate to name him the leader.

Shisui Uchiha Kotoamatsukami

So, what is this Kotoamatsukami thing? What does it do? What kind of Jutsu is that? And how much effective is it? How does it work?

Well, as it was stated numerous time that Kotoamatsukami is the ultimate genjutsu, so the fact that it is pretty damn effective that much we all can assume.

And as for how does it work or what does it do. Kotoamatsukami is said to be the unique ability of Shisui Uchiha’s Mangekyou Sharingan. He can activate this genjutsu once every 10 years. With this jutsu he could manipulate the victims’ reality perception without hampering and them noticing anything.

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