Top 10 Naruto Couples From Good To The Best

Couples. Anime Couples. Naruto couples.

That’s right, we are talking about top 10 Naruto Couples today. Of course, all of you are not going to accept our opinion. And that is ok. People have a different opinion. If you do not like our list, you can comment which one is the best among all the naruto couples in the comment section.

10) Fugaku Uchiha – Mikoto Uchiha:

Mikoto and Fugaku
Mikoto and Fugaku

Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha who were Sasuke’s parents were a very happy couple together. Especially Sasuke’s mother covered a lot for his partner Fugaku’s absence. In Sasuke’s backstory, we see kid Sasuke always tried his parents’ attention. He always wanted to show his father his skills but his father always praised Itachi- his elder son.

Sasuke often wondered and asked his mother if his father even love him. Mikoto explained Fugaku’s feeling towards Sasuke and Itachi. Well, those little moments did give us hints about a wonderful relationship with this couple.

9) Konan – Yahiko:

Konan and Yahiko
Konan and Yahiko

Well, Konan and Yahiko were not officially couple or something, however, we saw a few moments. You know what, let’s just put it here. Those who agree with them being a great couple would understand it well.

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